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About Zenergy Dancesport & Our Instructors

Zenergy Dancesport is a collaboration of instructors that have been dancing their entire lives and working in the industry for over 30 years! They are from all over the country, and have come together to bring you their joy and passion for dance, health and well-being!

James Williard

James moved to the Denver area 5 years ago and jumped right into the Theatre and Ballroom communities in the metro area. He has performed in “Secret Garden” and “Hello Dolly” with Performance Now The​atre Company, “Billy Elliott with Breckenridge Backstage Theatre Company, and “Swing” with the Platte Valley Players in Brighton, and is currently assisting in the choreography of “She Loves Me.” James has been teaching and choreographing ballroom dance for over 27 years. His titles include World Cup Finalist, USA Rising Star Finalist, and Triple Crown Champion in the American Smooth division. He also has a bronze medal in the Theatre Arts division in the United States Dance Sport Championships. He is grateful for all of his faithful students and looks forward to growing zenergy dancesport in denver!

Ashley Melville

Ashley's mother first enrolled her in dance classes while she was still in diapers! Throughout her childhood, she competed in contemporary dance in Los Angeles, where her high school dance team won the National Championship at USA Dance in 2004. Ashley also studied regularly at the prestigious EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood.

Despite her MBA and background in finance and economics, Ashley's true passion remains dance, so she started ballroom and latin dancing in 2013 to continue advancing her knowledge. Ashley uses her extensive dance background to share the joy of dance with others!

Hannah Sutherland

Hannah is an instructor at Zenergy Dancesport and is a native coloradan! She has been dancing for six years, and her favorite dance is the Waltz. Hannah specializes in teaching couples, because she loves developing non-verbal communication techniques with her students! Along with dancing, Hannah loves to read and write, and spend time with her close family and friends. 

Sina Ebersole

Sina is the owner of Tilly's Dance in Longmont, and has been ballroom dancing for the last 16 years. She finds she is happiest when on the dance floor! She has taught at franchised studios and independently. After competing and performing, she has found that her true passion lies in teaching people how to find their own balance and confidence in music. The beauty of non-verbal communication between two people always astounds her, especially when she is working with couples.

Jason Saxe

Corbin McCan

    Corbin started off being fairly comfortable with dancing at a young age mimicking dance choreography in front of the television. Although, It wasn't until he turned 21 where he began formal training in ballroom style dancing at a prestigious Denver studio. There he became an Instructor, studied for his certifications and discovered the competitive side of Ballroom dancing. Within a few years he debuted in his first Pro/Am competition with students and several years after that made his first Pro/Pro debut with another professional partner.

His training and proficiencies include all 4 of the main ballroom dance styles; International Standard and Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm. Aside from getting coaching and experience in professional Ballroom, other dances that he has had the pleasure competing in and teaching are (but not limited to) Hustle, W.C. swing, Salsa, Country 2-step, Polka and other partner night club dances.

Corbin is a registered Instructor/competitor with the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) as a professional and recognized by the USA Dance Rocky Mountain Chapter as an independent Instructor. He is a continuing education advocate in his field, staying up to date with current standards for the Ballroom dance industry through learning materials, practice and continued training with coaches from around the world.

Ken Leist

GROOV3 & Showcase Ensemble Director

Ken’s performing arts career has taken him both on-stage and backstage, from the ‘Big Apple’ to the high-seas, and to more than 13 countries. He is the choreographer for the organization Up with People and is excited to expand into ballroom dancing with Zenergy. Ken loves all forms of dance, which is why he is also passionate about GROOV3, a hip hop based dance fitness class! He is also the director and choreographer for Zenergy's ensemble, and has brought both "Ballroom Meets Broadway" and "Deck the Ballroom" to the stage.

Mystie - Yoga

Mystie believes that Yoga is for every-BODY regardless of age, strength, or flexibility, and teaches that Yoga compliments any spiritual path or sport. Though Mystie enjoyed a long career in bank and finance, she is fully following her passion to share the gift of Yoga. Her earliest introductions to Spiritual Yoga began at age 8 and did not include Asanas (poses). Her original teachings came from the philosophy of Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda which was simply observing, breathing, meditating, and connecting with Divine Love. Together with her family, she would sit in Lotus Pose in awe of the Rising Sun appreciating its brilliant colors over the Rocky Mountain Range in Utah. Through the normal course of life that brings challenges Mystie decided to study the Eight Limbs of Yoga known as “Ashtanga”, along with other styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative. She earned her Yoga Teaching Certificate in 2012 at Avalon Yoga Studio, Palo Alto, CA. Her intention is to teach yoga in a safe and fun manner to bring joy, peace and healing to her students; strength, balance, flexibility and a beautiful body naturally occur through regular practice.

“I invite you to join in when you are ready.”

Namaste, Mystie

Ashley Haskell - Yoga

Ashley has been a practitioner and student of yoga for 18 years! Her deep love for yoga, nature, and travel inspired her to study yoga on a permaculture farm in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle for her 200 YTT under Akhanda Shakti Yoga, and her 300 YTT in Rishikesh, India under Yogrishi Vishvektu, himalayan master and founder of Akhanda Yoga. She has continued her education in Indigenous Rights, Social Advocacy, Womb Sciences, Neuroscultping, Trauma Informed Practices, Sacred Ceremony, and Intuitive Yin Yoga. It was in her trainings and self study that she realized one of the greatest disconnects of humanity to be an externalization of power which often leads to disconnection to inner wisdom, victimization and loss of identity. She vowed to walk the path of reclamation of personal power through: holistic approaches to health and well-being, unifying science with sacred, understanding the mind body connection and how that connection impacts how one shows up in the world; herbalism and connecting to sacred plant medicine; honoring the cycles of nature; living harmoniously with the land; subtle body anatomy and awareness to unravel the many dimensions of Being; and, various forms of somatic exercises to release trauma from the body and reprogram thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. It is her passion to provide individuals the freedom to express their most enlivened, abundant, and empowered Truth with the world.